Congratulations to Sun Kei students on winning Bronze Medal Award in The 10th Annual I-SWEEEP, USA
Posted by: Mr. AU Wai Lun   Date: 2017-05-11 09:04

Congratulations to Sun Kei students on winning Bronze Medal Award in The 10th Annual I-SWEEEP, USA

NG Chak-lam (5R), CHUNG Ho-fai (5P) and CHAN Ka-lung (5P) represented Hong Kong to compete for a worldwide invention contest, the 10th Annual International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering & Environment) Project Olympiad (I-SWEEEP) held in Houston of the USA. They won the Bronze Medal (Engineering Category) with their innovation “Sign-translate Gloves”.

         Organised by the Harmony Public Schools, the 10th Annual I-SWEEEP welcomed over 400 highly qualified projects from young high school researchers of nearly 70 countries to Houston for this remarkable event from 3rd to 8th May, 2017.

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